Privacy Policy

a. General information

In principle, a user can visit the Website without providing any personal data. However, to have access to a certain activity related to the Website, the user has to provide some personal data (such as the user’s e-mail address) or the Website Owner will collect certain electronic data (such as the user’s IP address). For instance, this may be the case if a user wishes to receive the Website Owner’s newsletter or contact the Website Owner. If these personal data are not provided, then the activity concerned cannot be performed.

When a user provides personal data on the part of the Website which consists of Website Owner Works, then he provides his consent to the Website Owner to process these for the purposes mentioned below. If these personal data concern another person than the user, then the user warrants that he is entitled to provide this consent on behalf of that other person.

When a user provides personal data in any Third Party Works, the processing of such personal data will be governed by any privacy statement applicable thereto. In any event, the Website Owner shall not act as the Data Controller or the Processer (as defined in the European Data Protection Directive EC/95/46) of such personal data.

b. Purposes for which your personal data will be processed

Personal data provided by the user will be processed for the purposes of responding to the user’s contact with the Website Owner or other communications related to the Website, statistical analyses and/or keeping the user informed of new initiatives and activities of the Website Owner (e.g. via newsletters).

In addition, Advertisers on the website might use information gathered by the use of cookies and/or the web beacons for the purpose of online behavioral advertising and/or multisite advertising. Further information as regards the use of cookies and web beacons is set forth under point d. below.

c. Recipients of personal data

The personal data may be transferred to (i) organizations with whom the Website Owner has a contractual relationship (e.g. processors of personal data) or (ii) judicial authorities in case of a legal obligation or a request. The personal data will not be sold or transferred to any other third parties.

The Website Owner is not responsible for any personal data collected via any Third Party Works offered on the Website to which these parties’ general terms and conditions apply. The user is advised not to use his real name or real e-mail address in any of the games provided on the Website.

d. Cookies and web beacons

  • (iii) Refuse cookies, web-beacons and online behavioral advertising
  • To the extent that the user’s browser settings allow for the installation of cookies and web beacons on his computer, he consents with the installation of such cookies on his computer and he accepts that information relating to him may be used for behavioral advertising. The user of the website has the right to object ("opt-out") against online behavioral advertising and the use of cookies or web beacons.

    In addition, the user can refuse the installation of cookies and/or web beacons or delete them by adjusting the browser settings on his computer. To learn more on how to adjust the settings of your internet browser, we recommend the user to visit the website of the browser’s vendor.

  • (iv) Liability for cookies and web beacons
  • The Website Owner can not be held liable for the Advertisers’ cookies or web beacons for whatever purposes pursued.